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Life Cycle Assessment of bioprocesses 

Learn how to use Life Cycle Assessment to evaluate and reduce environmental impacts


The course teaches the methodology of Life Cycle Assessment for the environmental evaluation of bioprocess and bioproducts. It describes the steps of materials and energy inventories, evaluation and allocation of impacts indicators, sensitivity and uncertainty analysis. It analyses strategies to reduce environmental impacts  The guiding thread of the course is a LCA study of the bioethanol fuel produced from sugar beets. 


The methodology of Life Cycle Assessment for the environmental evaluation of bioprocesses and bioproducts

  • Evaluate the material and energy inventories and the environmental impacts indicator

  • Determine the uncertainties on the calculated impact indicators

  • Compare the environmental efficiencies of processes and products

  • Use LCA for the ecological design of bioprocesses



Life Cycle Assessment of the bioethanol fuel from sugar beets

  • Material and energy inventories of the bioethanol fuel life cycle

  • Indicators for eight environmental impacts related to resources consumptions and emissions

  • Indicators allocation, distribution and uncertainty analysis

  • Comparative bioethanol-gasoline LCA

  • Process modifications to reduce the bioethanol impacts indicators

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